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book 4, building, book cover

book 4/2, building

book 4/2, building

book 4/2, building

or celebrating a lot

Building the town continues while the first towner and patients move into the centre of the town in September.

Sometimes it’s a strange contradiction, seeing the town ideas come to life while a few yards away workers and helpers are still covered in mud.

But as expected the experiences by and with the first towners helps the team to adjust the project’s ideas and to prepare well for the arrival of the majority of towners next year.

There is a lot of celebrating during the second half of the building stage, parties for the town and other additions, weddings, birthdays and more.

However over time, Alice gets increasingly angry about the opposition the town project still faces from different groups outside the project. And at the peak of her anger, she does something very stupid.

quotes book 4/2

‘It’s time we made a solid case in favour of mistakes. They are too valuable to be dismissed or disregarded.’

book 4/2, building

By February the first guest for this year’s openings and celebrations arrive. An unexpected addition marks the start of the celebrations on the second of March.

On the first of April, the town has a fantastic 24 hour opening-do.

Afterwards things finally calm down, and the actual experiment begins.

Of course, everything is perfect. And it is just as well that the teams enjoy every bit of that. They will need the good memories soon enough. But at that point, they are too happy to notice the gathering clouds.


The first arrivals

The first celebrations

The challenge

A new year

A first opening

The arrivals

The grand opening

The 3rd Easy Town Conference


quotes book 4/2

‘I heard you can’t even make jokes if you work for that town project.’
‘Oh, you can make jokes. Only they have to be good jokes, not the cheap stuff that calls racism, sexism and populism infinite sources of pure wittiness, sweet like little kittens rolling around the floor. Admittedly you need a bit of brain to make jokes which don’t require any offence. But you know what, we all have a bit of brain, so technically there’s nothing keeping you from becoming a true comedian, or her majesty’s jester.’

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