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book 4, building, book cover

book 4/1, building

book 4/1, building

book 4/1, building

or the impossible happens

Tom is angry. Everyone acts as if building the town is a certainty even though so far they only have half a deal. Just a few days ago, he told Alice: ‘Don’t you know that you haven’t won yet? The town will never be built unless the government agrees, or unless you forego the experiment.’
‘I know.’
‘Then why are you keeping up the illusion that everything will work out? You say you don’t lie. But this here is a lie unless you suddenly figure out how to become a diplomat who can convince the government to agree to the experiment.’

quotes book 4/1

‘I thought politics was stuck in kindergarten. Turns out it’s still in the nursery.’

book 4/1, building

For Alice, the first months are one long blur packed with challenges for the town project until she manages to steal herself away for a moment of peaceful solitude – only to find herself facing the barrel of a shotgun.

Some months later, the teams prepare for the opening of the centre of the town, hoping to test their ideas in this small setting to get the town ready for the grand opening (book 4/2).


The blur

Friend or foe?

Being responsible?

A surprise

The 2nd Easy Town Conference

The tour

A holiday

Final preparations

quotes book 4/1

‘You know how people tend to say: “But who will pay for all this?” I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that from now on my response will be: “So long as you find the money for subsidies, state receptions, the entertainment industry, the military, or for bribes for political and economical gain, and for all the other kinds of ambiguous expenses, I will not think about this question again.” And I might add: “Probable fun fact: if we build our town and do a good job with our experiments, then many government expenses won’t be necessary any more.”’

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