last updated: 2 July 2022

book 2, travelling

in most, highest, best, lightest, loudest …

The lightest chapter

The quietest chapters
Time out, Australia

The loudest chapters
South Africa, Russia

The most chaotic chapter

The longest chapter
Russia, 47,737 words

The shortest chapter
Buenos Aires, 16.497 words

Most on the town experiment
Australia, China, Romania

Highest density of subjects

The best on the environment
Flight to Sydney, China

The best on politics
Australia, Russia, Berlin

The most on indigenous people
California, Brazil, Australia, China

The best dialogues on racism
South Africa, Australia

The best reactions to racism
Australia, China, Otaon, Berlin

The most in-depth conversation about religion

Hachiro’s best designs
China, Otaon, Russia

The best on photography

The best on the Hub

The best on music

The best on fame
South Africa

The best fairy tale

The best train of (random) thoughts

The funniest moments
Otaon, Russia

The saddest moments
Argentina, South Africa, Russia, Berlin

The best fight

The best clashes
California, South Africa, China, Russia

Most awkward moments
Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Romania

Most magic included
China, Otaon

Most tears

The darkest memories from Alice’s past
California, Brazil, Otaon

History following you around
Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Romania

Best bumble-bee moments
South Africa, Flight to Sydney, Otaon, Romania, Russia, Berlin

Best quotes for the sex talk

Funniest sex talk scenes
Brazil, Otaon, Russia

Most intriguing sex talk speculation
the penis trauma, Flight to Beijing

Best LGBTQI+ dialogues
California, Brazil, Berlin

Most diverse sex talk discussion

The most animals

The most critical moments
Australia, China, Russia

The best bar scenes
Australia, Romania

Most memorable scenes on the airliner
California, Argentina, South Africa, China, Russia

The best movie within the story
The Invention of Evil, Flight to Sydney (South Africa)

Youngest character
7 months, Emine’s youngest, Cihan, Berlin

Oldest character
73, Roger, head of the Crafts Team, Berlin

Tallest character
Devery, co-head of the Hub Co-ordination Team

Smallest adult character
the dwarf Navarro, Argentina, Berlin

Biggest characters
Jesse, member of Leo’s team, and Nanda, member of the Rio Team

Boniest character
probably Natasha from Russia or maybe Daria from the core team (it’s close)

The chapter revealing most about the whole series

The last new scene written for book 2
Andy in San Francisco with Nokomis and Misu