last updated: 4 April 2023

Locations of the easy town book series

book 1, beginning

  • New York
  • Tom’s estate (some two hours from New York)
  • A secret location

mentioned: Berlin, London and more

book 2/1, travelling

Book 2 connects to over forty countries on nearly all continents. In the following lists you will find the countries visited in the story of book 2, the countries which serve as additional story locations, and countries mentioned.

book 2/1, travelling, chapter 1

main location
San Francisco

additional locations
Tom’s estate
New York
a secret location

locations mentioned
London, the Caribbean, Silicon Valley, Brazil, Argentina, Buenos Aires, South Africa, Australia, Sydney, China, Otaon, Romania, Bucharest, Russia, Berlin, France, Portugal, Syria, Costa Rica, Kenya, Israel, Germany, the land of my dreams, Nigeria, Vancouver, Rio, Chile, France, Cape Town, the world

book 2/1, travelling, chapter 2

main location
Rio de Janeiro

locations mentioned
Lancashire, Peru, London, Hungary, India, South Africa, Tom’s estate, Argentina, the Amazon, Portugal, California

book 2/1, travelling, chapter 3

main locations
Buenos Aires, Argentina
London, UK
New York, US
a secret location

locations mentioned
Bavaria, Auschwitz, Israel, South America, Vancouver, New York, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Sydney, Seoul, Tunis, Berlin, London, Chile, UK, US, California, Rio, planet Earth, South Africa, China, Nigeria, Injaberg

book 2/1, travelling, chapter 4

main locations
Cape Town, South Africa
Injaberg, a fictitious town north of the Garden Route in South Africa

locations mentioned
Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Chile, the world, the land of Native Americans, New York, Nigeria, Brazil, Rio, East Berlin, Alexanderplatz, the West, England, Jamaica, Mexico, New Orleans, Poland, Berlin, London, Birmingham, Munich, India, Germany, North Carolina, African kingdoms, west coast of Africa, Sydney, Australia, China, Otaon, Russia, Romania

book 2/1, travelling, Flight to Sydney
still chapter 4

main locations
The Indian Ocean

locations mentioned
Africa, Cape Town, Sydney, London, Asia, South Africa, Isle of Wight, Liverpool, Sweden, Wales, this planet, a manor house in England, East Africa, Eurasia, China, the Bering Strait, South America, Europe, the Americas

book 2/1, travelling, chapter 5

main location
Sydney, Australia
a neighbouring town

locations mentioned
New Zealand, Wellington, Japan, Rebun Island, London, San Francisco, Beijing, Brussels, US, Britain, EU, Europe, UK, England, Turkey, Germany, Brisbane, China, Otaon, the universe, Russia

book 2/1, travelling, time off,
still chapter 5

main location
The East Coast of Australia

locations mentioned
Sydney, London, Brazil, South Africa, Rio

book 2/2, travelling

book 2/2, travelling, Flight to Beijing, chapter 6

main locations
A secret location
The Australian continent

locations mentioned
New York, Hanoi, Vietnam, Berlin

book 2/2, travelling,
still chapter 6

main locations
A fictitious town, Yunnan Province

additional locations
A secret location
New York
A one-day-trip to: Hanoi in Vietnam, Vientiane in Laos, and Naypyidaw in Myanmar

locations mentioned
Otaon, Russia, Italy

book 2/2, travelling, chapter 7

main locations
Sitseaf, the capital of the fictitious Middle Eastern country Otaon
Al-Wali, Otaon

locations mentioned
Damascus, Nigeria, Abuja, New York, North Nigeria, Sydney, Ku-Damm, Berlin

book 2/2, travelling, chapter 8

main locations
historical villages, Romania

additional locations
Tom’s estate
A secret location

locations mentioned
South Africa, China, Poland, Germany, Japan

book 2/2, travelling, chapter 9

main location

additional locations
several locations around Moscow
Vancouver, New York, London, Berlin
Vilnius, Lithuania

locations mentioned
Bucharest, Berlin, Romania, Poland, Arabia, Mexico, America, Latvia, Belarus, Sweden, Germany, Crete

book 2/2, travelling, chapter 10

main locations
west coast of Italy

additional locations
Italy, Rome, Milano
France, Paris
Brandenburg, a location north of Berlin

locations mentioned
China, Russia, Sydney, Belarus, Vilnius, Lithuania, New York, Romania, US, Scotland, Sitseaf, Cape Town, Vatican, Arizona, Otaon, MeckPom, Paris, Reykjavik, Tampico, Mumbai, Wellington, Hebrides, Argentina, Ruhrpot, Dortmund, Turkey

Book 3

main location
London, the compound

additional locations
Sitges, Spain
a secret location
two undisclosed locations

locations mentioned
Brighton, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Isle of Wight, Bristol, Frome, all locations of the international project teams, Barcelona, Tunis, Japan, Lima, Mexico, India and some others

Book 4


locations mentioned
all locations of the international project teams

Book 5

Canada, New York and classified

Book 6


Book 7

Easy Town

Books 8

Otaon and classified

Books 9

Easy Town (mostly)

Books 10

Azores, Lisbon, Galicia, Valencia and others

Books 11

Easy Town, China, Canada, South Africa, Sardinia, Cornwall and others

Books 12

Easy Town, Brazil, New Zealand and others

The lists for books 3-12 are incomplete and preliminary.

The International Project Teams

The international teams are set up in the period between book 1 and book 2. In book 2, the travelling team visits some of those new teams.

  1. Argentine, Buenos Aires
  2. Australia, Sydney
  3. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
  4. Canada, Vancouver
  5. China, small town, Yunnan Province
  6. France, Paris
  7. Germany, Berlin
  8. Iceland, Reykjavík
  9. India, Mumbai
  10. Mexico, Tampico
  11. New Zealand, Wellington
  12. Romania, Bucharest
  13. Russia, Moscow
  14. South Africa, Injaberg
  15. US, New York
  16. US, San Francisco

In the following years some more international teams are added.

The locations of the first Hub Stations

In the easy town story, the Hub network starts with nine main Hub Stations in the following locations, some of which the travelling team in book 2 visits.

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • New York, US
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Seoul, South Korea,
  • Tunis, Tunis
  • Berlin, Berlin
  • London, UK

In the story, the number of Hub Stations grows continuously.