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book 3, shaping

last updated: 1 February 2023

book 3, shaping

book 3, shaping

or it could be so easy

After a journey around the world (to connect the town project to all corners of the planet), Alice arrives at the new project base in London where the project teams enter the final planning stage for the town experiment.

Despite a mix of light and dark moments, the story leans towards the dark side as the project teams are faced with the eventuality that they might have developed an incredible town project, but defensiveness, condescension and superiority complexes seem to keep the majority of the public and the political world from daring to step into a new era.
But then, the project doesn’t even think that big. All they want is a site for their town so that they can test their theories. But those who oppose them see the potentials, and that threatens their world view. But who holds on to a world view that only knows destruction, frustration and exploitation?

Book 3 explores many of the questions relevant for our future, and does so with an open mind, and with the approach to create rather than to oppose.

Woven into the chapters are personal stories, experiences, struggles, and entanglements. Among the highlights are the fun moments with the international teams, a dance and a fall, a Christmas that might be an antidote for all those who dread the day, the forging of new friendships, the struggles with love and the first view of a potential site.

quote book 3

The deeper I dig the more I am surprised how much potential we have and how little of it we use. How much is possible and how little we have freed ourselves from primitive ideas. We still believe in the need for wars, destruction, dominance, competition, superiority. Why? All these ideas only make sense in a savage environment, but not in societies who have learned how to use their brains.

book 3, shaping





And then there was silence

A new year

Where do we go from here?



The compound in London (main location for book 3)

quote book 3

‘True power — if you think about God — true power is in creation, not in destruction, oppression or tyranny. A true and powerful leader will create not destroy.’

book 3, shaping