book 2/2, travelling

chapter 8, Romania



Despite some drawbacks, Alice has a great time in Romania. Not everyone is happy about that, but when Alice and Bertok develop a new idea, almost everyone is thrilled, and Alice spends a sleepless night to ponder a crucial question. Meanwhile, Jack is troubled in Italy.

‘You can challenge him to a stick fight. I saw you two fighting. I’d say you are about the same level.’
Alice chuckled. ‘As in bloody beginners.’
‘I’d go for bleeding rookies.’
Alice laughed. ‘Yeah. I always thought the Challenge Garden was a good idea. Clearing the air with a bit of stick clacking, and afterwards two mugs of steaming tea or thick creamy cacao and the next attempt to use words. It’s not the worst of methods.’

book 2/2, travelling, Romania

PS: Alice is not a native speaker. While her English is good, she sometimes gets to have her own ideas about a word. And in some cases, she will stick to her ideas even if someone points out a mistake. Cocoa will always be cacao to her.


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