book 2/2, travelling

chapter 9, Russia



Filip and Natasha invite Alice to an exclusive ball. Thanks to the sex talk, Alice has a lot of fun. But then things start to go downhill, and after a warning, the travelling team goes into hiding. Disguised, Alice travels to meet the one person who might know what the heck is going on.

Note: When Russia began their war in Ukraine, I wondered whether I would have any regrets about this chapter. And I found that strangely, the paragraphs with political relevance have a sharper edge now. Luckily, there are no regrets. And Miron and Lavrenti are still one of my favourite couples.

‘I’m curious,’ Devery said. ‘How do you feel about your millionaires?’
‘The crème de la crème of Russian society? The Russian elite?’ Miron said mockingly and Lavrenti added: ‘I take a very simple attitude towards the so-called elite. If they were great and clever people, we wouldn’t be in all this mess.’

book 2/2, travelling, Russia


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