book 2/1, travelling

chapter 2, Rio de Janeiro

book 2/1, travelling, chapter 2, Rio de Janeiro, book cover


Rio de Janeiro


Twice in Rio, Alice has to confront dark memories. In one case, retelling a nightmare earns her some respect. In the other case, Devery is glad that no one else is listening to their conversation. Not that he disagrees, but some of Alice’s thoughts are rather dark.

quotes book 2/1

‘It’ll take time to get rid of cliches and generalisations.’
‘How about we shoot them into the universe, and they can get lost in another galaxy? Besides, where do generalisations get us? We put people with boobs in one bucket and people without boobs in another, and there: we believe we understand the world.’
‘You do know that men have breasts too?’
‘All right, let me be more precise: we put milkboobs in one bucket and all other boobs in the other. And we still believe we understand the world.’

book 2/1, travelling, Rio de Janeiro


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