book 2/2, travelling

chapter 7, Otaon



Otaon is a most remarkable chapter on the travelling team’s journey.

It’s a feast with fairy tales, humour and wisdom, an unexpected adventure, a celebration of human ingenuity, an acknowledgement of human faults, a journey magic and a little tragic but overall uplifting.

‘Tell me about the outfits the princes wear.’
‘Why? You can see them for yourself.’
‘Yes, and you are still nervous. So let’s talk about something you care about.’
Hachiro grimaced.
Jazz wasn’t wrong. He was trying, but his heart was still pounding, his face and hands moist. He still wanted to run away.
He inhaled and let his eyes wander across the garden: princesses, princes, palace guards, servants, Security, the travelling team. All milling around, shaking hands— laughing.

book 2/2, travelling, Otaon


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