wall dissolved, act 1, series by Charlie Alice Raya

book 8, desert

book 8, desert

book 8, desert

Alice and some of her team return to Otaon.

This is a dark chapter, too. Though, once Alice returns to Al-Wali, she can focus – for a while.

‘Why are people unhappy?’
‘Maybe they become too accustomed to canned emotions.’
‘A movie is a can of emotions. You watch a movie and run through a whole range of joy, fear, bumblebees, anxiety and so on. And usually you can predict the outcome. And there’s a solution after thirty, forty-five or ninety minutes, not like in life where things take years. In life everything is different, a lot slower, more unpredictable and a lot less compressed.’

book 8, desert


Flight to Sitseaf

The palace

The ultimatum

The ceremony



A gift and an offer

The outsider

A night in the desert


Back at the palace

The trance


A detour

A surprise